Viba flexibly fits to serve many industries.

IT Companies

Viba matches the pace and productivity required at small and big IT firms. Viba integrates seamlessly at workplaces managing every employee and visitor in an organised fashion.

Educational Institutions

Viba saves all that attendance time for faculties and students alike, making educational institutions efficient, safe, and welcoming with its many customizable features.

Coworking Spaces

Viba is made to tackle much. A coworking space and AI make the most error-free, budget-friendly, and smart combination.


Viba manages the workforce of the manufacturing industry without the need for many managers to go over mundane and long-winded work all the time.


AI for logistics is the best way to track and manage all functions from start to end. Viba is tailor-made to support logistics work without missing a beat.


Viba is made with care, and integrates with communities in the most holistic way to enrich engagements and manage them.


Viba becomes a welcoming shoulder in healthcare settings, providing the much-needed assistance to hospital staff, patients, and visitors. Viba alleviates all the management burden, so patients get care, and staff the needed support.


Viba is equipped to manage all influxes - whatever the event. Viba at events keeps chaos and disorder at bay

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Viba has helped me organize everything at my workplace. Before Viba, visitor management was haywire. There was no order and process. Knowing who had entered the premises and guiding them was difficult to keep up with. Now pre-invitations and QR code features have made visitor management smooth, simplified, and advanced.

Mr. Aravind Konda
Founder & CEO
Prowess Software Solutions